Aftermarket Expert SEO Insights – Website Content

They say that content is king and I don’t know if content is King or Queen, but it is 50% of your digital battle in trying to position your business in front of the consumers or core customers that you want to see in your bays.



Typically, we see people listing services all on one page, which is really ineffective unless you are in a limited competition market. However, most of us aren’t in this scenario.

Then we have 1 step further where people have a service listed with little or thin content. There is also people out there who have tons and tons of content on their sites, but most commonly this content is duplicate, which means other websites have the exact same words on their page.

None of these options really help with getting you in front of your core audience. So what do we need to do to get in front of your audience?

Just as you have software to plug in and scan diagnostic codes there’s software to scan the internet and grade website content. It identifies issues, improvements and opportunities that can be made to improve the site.  By looking at the keywords for your area and using these tools we can create custom, unique SEO rich website content to target your core consumers.

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