In Motion Brands is excited to offer The Vehicle Visualization Studio to all of our clients which offers a custom wheel visualizer for clients. This Wheel Visualizer program will revolutionize the online shopping experience for the automotive aftermarket industry.Gone are the days of entering a showroom to understand what a modification will look like on your vehicle. Bringing to the market what customers want, this software allows your customer to compare rims, tires, and accessories for their vehicle straight from their phone or computer with the click of a few buttons through this wheel visualizer.

Using cloud based technology, artificial intelligence, and optical recognition means that The Vehicle Visualization Studio is superior to anything on the market today. This technology allows dynamic content to be created and sent to Google in record speeds, helping to ensure that your website is always ranking high in search results.

This is just the beginning of the future for automotive e-retail. Aftermarket trends show growth across direct to consumer, third party retailer and sub-segment markets. In order for your business to succeed, there is a need to adapt to your consumer’s wants and needs. Research shows that consumers expect a simple interface that is intuitive to use.

This wheel visualizer offers just that experience for your clients:
• Search your vehicle – down to the sub model and colour
• Select the rims you want to explore
• View the rims on your vehicle in real time from multiple different angles
• Animation to see exact rim and tire size in relation to your vehicle

This is all done through IMB vehicle customization tools which generate an image of the wheels on a vehicle served to the customer right through your website. Powered by state of the art technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) as well as web plugins and application programming interfaces, this program is optimized for the customer experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Not to mention that this tool allows for important business intelligence for dealers, offering full tracking of vehicles and products searched plus details on where and when customers are shopping.

If you are looking to generate sales and offer top of the line technology to your customers then consider implementing The Vehicle Visualization Studio on your website.

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