IMB Exclusive Partners


IMB partners with the best in the industry to bring the market solutions required for today and tomorrow. These unmatched solutions absolutely create additional value over any other product in the market, if there are any.

IMB is committed to continual innovation and will continue to drive exclusive solutions to drive our members businesses like no other relationship available today to you.

Our Partners

Wheel Visualization Studio

Cutting edge technology that absolutely shatters any other available option in the market by every measurement possible. 3D, multi vehicle view, almost endless enriched content, full integration and complete analytics for providing you clear visibility on the additional value created.

What this product delivers today will evolve extremely quickly to unlock more value. If it isn’t a fit for you today for one reason or another become a member with IMB to stay on top of advancements to come over the next few months.

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Easy Monthly Payments (EMP)

In today’s world a large percentage of the population need, or prefer, taking on their spending in monthly installments versus all at once. In order to capture this growing list of customers, you need an option and this is the industry’s best, full stop. EMP is available at rates similar to credit cards. Loans are based on the vehicle not consumer credit, making approvals quick, and offers additional value to both the consumer and our members. EMP has the ability to save consumers, some of who are in need, money and add incremental profits to our members business.

Outside from EMP, IMB will be adding more innovating finance and insurance solutions to support you and your business over the near term. If EMP is not an option for you today, inquire about becoming an IMB member to receive communications on more advanced products to come plus other benefits.

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Although TireConnect is not an exclusive solution IMB is a strong partner. Our partnership gives our members the ability to price product online which is by most consumer standards a must have in today’s world. Not only do we offer the technology to deploy online pricing, and/or full e-commerce, we have the industry experience to help design pricing strategies. We can conduct competitive data on pricing and provide you with recommendations to help save you time and maximize profits which of course creates additional value.

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