Industry Training at In Motion Brands


At IMB, we deliver impactful automotive business training in a number of areas. We help independent owners create business plans and identify potential opportunities through our operational support training. We also offer personalized automotive sales training to front counter and/or sales staff to educate on products and resources to help close more sales.

Join In Motion Brands and have access to performance coaching and shop operational training from our group of experts. You can choose to work with our team one on one for fully customized support, or join one of our performance groups, where we bring together like minded owners/shop managers and take advantage of the power of growth and learning with others.

We focus on shifting your mindset as an owner operator to a business leader. Or simply working in the business to thinking on and about the business, your team and your business goals.

We work with a number of clients to provide automotive training to owners, managers and their employees, offering detailed knowledge on the consumer experience. The consumer experience across the automotive industry revolves around quoting, not selling. At IMB, we guide you through an educational process to increase closing percentages by a minimum of 10%. The process is simple, informative and guaranteed to help you grow!

Want Results? So do we! Our education process will increase your sales, margins and overall shop productivity.

If you are an owner of a single location or a multi-store organization, we can provide the appropriate case study that speaks to your business challenges. Let’s start with a conversation.

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