IMB Offers the Best Auto Repair Shop SEO


IMB Management has been in your position regarding Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As key players in large Automotive Aftermarket companies, we sat in front of marketing agencies pitching our management team expensive SEO options and realized we could do it better. We invested in SEO, we learned SEO, and we perfected what works for tire and auto shop retail businesses, which we now deliver to IMB clients.

While we invested in SEO for tire and auto repair shops, we found the investment cost high. The return on the investment was often hard to measure as well. Everyone will tell you, “It takes time.” IMB has perfected our approach to SEO so that it’s both affordable and impactful in a short period of time. Most SEO experts would tell you that it is not likely to have an immediate impact on SEO. We can tell you with certainty and demonstrate with analytics, using our client’s case studies, that you can.

Website developers and digital marketing agencies have sold the automotive aftermarket industry weak SEO solutions for too long. Decision makers of automotive retail businesses do not typically have the expertise in website development or SEO. We find this to be true if you own one shop or many. Keeping this in mind the vendor with the best sales pitch, or quite often worse, the most websites win the business. After all, if it is working for everyone else, it must be okay for my business. This is how many tire auto repair shops have ended up with the same solutions as their competitor down the road.

IMB conducts ongoing digital audits of tire and automotive repair shops’ online presence, and what we continue to find is concerning. Often, an independent automotive business has only a presence when someone searches for their business name. Who searches your business name? Most likely your current customers. Yes, your website should have some value in retaining customers, but for us, at IMB, we know your website also must be one of the most important factors in driving your business’s growth. SEO plays a critical role in doing this.

Being relevant, or visible, when consumers are typing in key words without your name (i.e., tires + city, brakes + city, vehicle repair + city) is a must now and as we move forward through the coming decade. IMB SEO has developed strategies to ensure you are visible to the consumers that you want to be in front of when they are researching online purchases.

We are here to tell you that you should know SEO does work and can work for you, no matter your past experiences.

IMB SEO strategies are driving new business to our clients who had no online relevance and for those who had great online presence. This is demonstrated to our clients with transparency as part of our core values. Regular updates are provided and quantified to demonstrate how our tire and auto repair shop SEO strategies are delivering more vehicles to our client’s doors.

Working with an existing automotive business to increase their online presence has become the easier projects we take on. Working with clients who have just opened a new auto repair shop or who have completely rebranded their business is more challenging. IMB has taken on these extreme challenges to increase online visibility and we have executed.

Can IMB execute strong SEO strategies for every automotive business? No. We most certainly can as it relates to technical SEO. In terms of unique SEO rich content, we would only be competing with our clients if we were to take on multiple clients in a close proximity. We are selective with our client base and not focused on spitting out thousands of websites across the industry as others have. Our deep industry knowledge, history, and independent ownership allow IMB the ability, along with the freedom, to build winning solutions with selective clientele.

Contact us to understand more about our tire and auto repair shop SEO strategies that will drive more vehicles to your doors.

Now that you know exactly how IMB can execute a sound SEO strategy for your shop, you might be wondering what it actually is, and why it is so important.


Briefly, SEO is the process of creating a website, or optimizing your existing one, in a way that will increase your ability to be seen by search engines like Google or Bing. Using bots and algorithms these platforms are constantly searching your site looking for keywords searched by your customers – think “Tires near me” or “vehicle repair (+ City)”. Using these key words and many other factors behind the scenes, search engines will provide results in an order deemed most valuable to the one searching.


So now that you know the essence of what SEO is, why should you care?

SEO plays a critical role in how your automotive retail business is relevant or visible online. In today’s day and age, consumers are not scouring through multiple pages of Google for the right business. They are, just like you, searching and finding a suitable option on the first page. If you are not showing up for anything but your business name on the first page, how are you going to find new customers?

Ensuring you are positioned with a better SEO strategy than your competitors will ensure that you are more visible in consumer searches. Considering many of the independent businesses in our space have:

  1. Invested in solutions that do not work
  2. Not understood SEO or see the value
  3. Been sold a bill of goods in the past and will not try it again

There is a significant opportunity to out rank your competition locally. Contact us and we would be happy to show you how.