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At IMB, we are here to help your auto repair shop thrive in today’s market. We bring vast experience of buying billions of dollars’ worth of products and services across all segments of the market.

We can deliver enhanced programs from key vendors to help support your business and this doesn’t always come in the form of acquisition price. We have been able to deliver increased value from several Tier I vendors that falls outside of the traditional buy and sell relationships you hold. Our completely transparent approach with all key stakeholders on the value we create provides additional doors to appear that were not there before, for our clients.

Even if you have been successful enough to negotiate the best possible vendor program in the market, you may still run into an issue where you need high level support that we bring to the table. Allow IMB to be there to support your retail shop with Vendor relations, service and support.


Still not sure? Read below to hear about how IMB worked directly with a Manufacturer to turn around declining sales.

Case Study:

A Tier 1 Tire Manufacturer approached IMB looking to reverse the trend of declining sales experienced during the pandemic. This Manufacturer needed consumer data and retail insights to strategize how to offset the decline. IMB was able to provide that. We have been tracking online leads, conversions and retail sales from all of our clients both independent shops and retail networks for years. With our powerful marketing analytics, IMB was able to advise this Tier 1 Manufacturer how to effectively design a retail campaign through their chosen retail-partner generating 128% YOY increase in consumer purchases and 53% increase in dealer program participation. More consumer sales and increased retailers aligned to sell this Tire Manufacturers product.

Gathering data is one thing. Having the experience and insights to effectively create innovative solutions that drive value for both the Suppliers/Manufacturers and retailers alike is a skill set we have at IMB.

Are you a Distributor servicing the Aftermarket Automotive Industry struggling to drive value to retailers resulting in going back to offer them a cheaper price and reduce your margins? Let’s Talk!

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Are you a multi-store owner (MSO) struggling to find a retail solutions provider that not only knows the Automotive Industry, but can also develop solutions to the problems you face? Let’s Talk!

Are you an independent shop owner looking to compare your pricing from your key suppliers? Are you wondering if there are improved vendor programs available to you? At IMB we are experienced in working with suppliers on behalf of independent shops to add value to your business. Let’s Talk!

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