IMB Operation Services & Support


Over the last decade we have been helping create value by dialing in, and/or dialing up, business performance.

From simply capturing low hanging fruit with price strategies to fully immersing into operations on a daily or weekly basis. We have been able to increase bottom line / net income / profit.

Profit on income statements have improved in the range of tens of thousands of dollars all the way up to millions across large Multi Store Owner’s.

How do we do this?

We can introduce you to benchmarking to see how you compare to other businesses like yours in your market to uncover value. We can add you to a performance group to collaborate with other business owner’s on how to not only identify additional value but capture it.

Still not enough? We can provide you with a Senior Level Performance Coach that can be involved in your operation on a daily or weekly basis to help support the changes necessary to unlock the value you want, and deserve.
And we don’t stop there! All the tasks generally not carried out within the business can be handled to drive performance. Inbound or outbound calls to:

  • Schedule/confirm appointments
  • Follow up on sales
  • Close future (deferred) business
  • Inactive or promotional calls
  • Prep customers for recommended services

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