Aftermarket Brand Strategy

All businesses are built on their brand. It is brand that implies value and serves as a guiding light for all strategic decisions. Brand exists in the hearts and minds of all customers with intangible associations to a set of products or services. Your brand can unlock incredible shareholder and stake holder value.

Brand Strategy is often overlooked across the automotive aftermarket because they are difficult to quantify. Many do not know how to measure but the answer is simple. Margin. Strong brands have stronger margins on similar products or services as their competitors without question.

Think BMW, Starbuck’s, Tier I tire and parts manufacturers. Still not sold, think about the OE channel services. All of these leading brands generally are able to charge above market prices for products or service they provide their customers. Is it any different in the Aftermarket? No.

When you create a strong brand you increase perceived value with your core audience who will pay more.

Build A Brand Strategy

At In Motion Brands we help business owners understand brand, bring their brand to life, and measure the impact.

When the majority of aftermarket business owners are asked why they stand out from their main competitors the answer is generally the same – service. With everyone thinking the same there is generally nothing different, or no compelling reason for the consumer to choose you.

We provide research, consumer data, and engage in collaborative frameworks with the Senior Team, or Owner, to uncover what really separates you from your competition to give consumers that compelling reason to choose you, again and again.

Aftermarket Brand Strategy Template

If you prefer to work alone we get it. We have designed an Aftermarket Brand Strategy Template to help guide you towards increasing your brands value. Simply contact us and request a copy and we’ll send it right over. If at any point you get stuck or have questions we would of course be happy to help.

How Much Does Brand Strategy Development Cost?

For us being a part of helping create clarity around brand strategy which then translates to additional profits but more importantly more satisfied and engaged clients is extremely rewarding. As such you may be pleasantly surprised at our fees when you compare to prices you would find searching on Google.

Like with everything else that we do at IMB the ROI is clear so you know if the investment is worth it or not.

How Much Would I Have To Spend To Build A Brand?

We have spent millions and millions on marketing. We are happy to share what kind of ROI you can expect when putting money into the market. If you have tens of millions readily accessible you can make a lot of noise. Even those who do inside, and outside, the aftermarket are investing in other areas to strengthen their brand. Advertising is extremely expensive and its impact is fading. It’s getting harder to convince consumers to choose you by simply throwing money at advertising.

There are many other areas to invest in order to build a strong brand and millions are not required.

Contact us and let’s have a conversation on how to uncover additional profit by creating a clear and practical brand strategy that drives customer engagement to the next level!