Your Online Auto Repair Website Guide

Things to Consider for Your Business Website

It is our position that the majority of Independently owned Automotive Aftermarket businesses need to reconsider their current website strategy. Tire and Auto Repair Websites should be considered one of the most valuable assets the business owns. It should also be measured with the same laser focus as your team’s productivity.

Our research shows that 1 out of 10 Shop websites we audit get a passing grade. Yes, 90% get a failing grade which creates opportunity for many Shop Owners to dramatically increase their online presence to drive growth.

While you are researching a new website solution you will find:

  • Templates that are free “that can build you something”
    • Pros
      • Low investment
      • Someone close to you feels good about their contribution to your business
      • Your customers should be able to find your site when they search your business name (key word presence = 1)
    • Cons
      • You absolutely get what you pay for performance
      • Weak support
      • You are only visible online for your business name
  • A template solution with a low monthly payment (approximately $250) with lots of options to upgrade.
    • Pros
      • Affordable monthly investment
      • Pretty, responsive, and initially fast
      • Better support for ongoing changes, depending on provider
    • Cons
      • Payments never end
      • Same solution as other competitors in your market
      • Slightly better key word performance (key word presence = < 20. More likely < 10 based on our research.)
  • Custom website design & build
    • Pros
      • You get what you want
      • Should have high performance initially
      • Higher keyword rankings that two previous options
    • Cons
      • High initial cost ($5K+)
      • Requires ongoing support after the sale

Most tire and auto repair shop owners settle for an esthetically pleasing, fast loading, mobile friendly (responsive) website for a low monthly payment. The result is a website that, primarily, only your current customers find in a search. Meaning someone will have to search using your business name to experience your website.

At IMB we could produce tire and auto templates for websites for half the monthly cost we see in the industry. We could produce thousands of tire and repair shop websites in a short period of time and “laugh all the way to the bank”, but that is not what we are about.

Real value is created with your tire or auto repair website when your business is relevant or visible and when consumers search using keywords without your business name. This creates new potential customers which is a passion for us at IMB.

To meet the demands of today’s consumer and the investment for the Independent Automotive business, IMB offers several website solutions to meet you where you are at. We can build a website designed to work within a monthly budget or custom build your website to increase your online presence.

Each client’s needs are different, but we customize each approach to deliver what should be most important. This includes showing up in search engines for a variety of key words for the products and services you are selling, along with full transparency on the data and analytics for you, the business owner.

Custom built websites generally start at $5,000 but can easily range into the tens of thousands for enterprise level clients of ours. When your business grows to reach multiple locations, a website with a location listing or a simple find a dealer function, is not always be the best strategy.

At IMB, we create tire and auto repair websites for our clients that deliver a positive experience for your existing clients but also captures new business. We do this by increasing your tire or repair shops online presence with a number of digital marketing strategies that send the right signals to search engines like Google. Our strategies are proven across the aftermarket industry, continuously evolving, and limited to selective business partners.

If it is time to for you to do a “DVI” of your current web design and search results we can help.
Feel free to contact us to:

  • Ask any questions
  • Provide ROI data on anything we do
  • Provide you with a comprehensive complimentary digital relevance report on your business today

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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