Auto Repair Website with IMB

Rising national franchises and a new type of mobile services are posing a growing threat to local garages and other auto maintenance businesses. One of the main reasons these rivals are succeeding in the market is that they are available online and can be found on a search engine. Customers are increasingly turning to the internet to discover garage services, and those who have a website are reaping the rewards.


Importance of Getting an Auto Repair Website

You merely needed to be listed in the phone book and place commercials on local radio and television back in the day. Today, such an approach will get you nothing.

But what are the real advantages of having an easy to find website? These perks may appear convoluted and hazy, especially if you’ve worked in the car industry for some time. This is where we can help. At In Motion Brands (IMB) we’re professionals in designing fantastic car shop websites. Are you ready to learn everything about the amazing advantages of having a website for your car repair shop?


Let’s discuss why your car repair shop requires a website:

1.A website is an independent service.

People choose garages because they provide excellent auto service. Great service in today’s market extends beyond the knowledge you give in repairing or servicing their vehicle; it starts with your website. When it comes to dealing with auto repair shops, today’s client needs speed and ease. This implies that everything customers and potential customers require from you should be accessible through your auto repair website.

They want to be able to arrange a repair, or service immediately from your website and pay for it when it’s completed, not just information on the services you offer, your opening hours, and how to contact you. They absolutely require your online presence. They also want to be able to utilize internet features to assist them discover the proper tires or other parts.

Customers are increasingly demanding set rates and the opportunity to reserve and pay for services in advance. Although this cannot be done when the problem has to be examined first, it may be done in many other situations, such as changing a bulb, installing a new tire, or performing a service. If you want to compete with national franchises and mobile repair providers, you’ll need to provide the same price transparency and booking simplicity that many of their websites do.

2. Increase your consumer base by improving your reputation.

Potential Customers are increasingly relying on the recommendations of others when deciding whether or not to employ a company’s services. They’ll seek for star ratings on social media, Google, and listings sites, and ask for suggestions on Facebook. They’ll also take a peek at your website’s testimonials.

Obviously, a large number of positive reviews will help you get new consumers, whereas a large number of negative reviews will drive people away. However, the lack of feedback puts potential clients fully in the dark. Some will not utilize you because of a lack of reviews, while others will find it strange that a business does not ask for reviews in this day and age.

A website is a good place to start if you want to use reviews to improve your reputation and expand your consumer base. To begin, after you have a website, you can sign up for a free Google My Business account, which allows consumers to submit comments and allows other Google users to see those evaluations.

Customers who wish to read the reviews can do so. This type of social proof is particularly beneficial in providing new consumers the confidence to reserve their first car with you.

3. More customers will find you

We highlighted Google My Business in the last section as a location to acquire reviews. However, it is beneficial for a variety of additional reasons. Your firm will be included in the Google business directory once you register a free Google My Business account. When a local person searches for an auto repair shop, your firm has a decent chance of showing up in the results. You could even obtain a location tag on Google Maps, which is frequently used by those looking for urgent repairs nearby.

Furthermore, if someone conducts a specialized search for your business, your company’s information, photos, hours of operation, and customer reviews will appear on the right side of the screen.


4. The customer’s first point of call is the internet.

Anyone in need of an auto care or car repair or service nowadays will start their search online for important information regarding the step they should take first. Few people use directories these days, and no one will grab the local newspaper out of the recycle bin when they have a smartphone at their disposal. The prospects of gaining new business are little if you don’t have a website where these clients can find you.

Yes, you may always register with an online directory such as Yelp, however they only give limited information such as contact information and hours of operation. The majority of visitors expect a connection from such ads from repair websites. A consumer will most likely go elsewhere if it only provides a phone number. They will most likely prefer where you could schedule an appointment in the slightest.

 5. You can showcase your skills and services.

One of the main benefits of having an auto repair shop website is that you can advertise the services you provide. You may not only submit written information, but also photographs that demonstrate the quality of your work, as well as your premises and specialty equipment.

Furthermore, current websites allow you to develop portfolios of your greatest work as well as providing blog pieces and videos that assist consumers with automotive problems. These, in turn, aid in the growth of a following, allowing your firm to expand even further.


Start Your Auto Repair Website Today

In summary, if your automotive service shop and/or tire shop doesn’t have a current website you’re missing out on a big number of prospective consumers. Websites and social media are used to market car businesses in the twenty-first century.

Because the internet is currently the primary means of locating a local car repair shop, a website is a crucial tool for your firm. Indeed, modern clients want your website to provide them with a quick and easy means to learn about, book, and pay for your services, as well as contact you.

Of course, professional web hosting with 24/7 technical support is required to ensure that your website is stable and safe, and that you have experienced assistance in the event of any problems. We’ve demonstrated why, in this digital age, your car repair firm needs a website. Building a website might be intimidating if you’re not a seasoned web developer. That’s where the marketing agency In Motion Brands comes in.

At a modest cost, we can create a stunning and well-designed website for your automotive full service business. Please feel free to contact us to discuss starting your auto repair website today! We look forward to hearing from you.