Chances are when a consumer visits your website, they are either looking to book an appointment or purchase tires. Today, online shopping is the norm in many industries including the Aftermarket Automotive Industry.

Having valuable Calls to Action (CTA) on your site helps convert a website viewer into a customer. If you are looking to offer online pricing or e-commerce integration on your website to drive more sales, look no further than In Motion Brands.

We have partnered with TireConnect to integrate tire shopping capabilities into your website. What is TireConnect you ask? It is an online application we embed in your website which allows your customers to search for tires by size or vehicle type.

Once the information is entered, tire results will be listed for a customer to review and compare. When they find a product they like, the customer can then choose to: save the quote, review later, request an appointment or, if enabled, order their tires online. The customer will then pay a deposit to reserve the product and select a date to have them installed.

Having tires available to shop online is a must in today’s market. When a customer is in the market for tires, they will look online to order or to research before making a phone call. Ensuring that your products are available and priced online will help customers during their product discovery process. Not having product listed online could mean missing out on potential clients and their vehicles.

Enabling the TireConnect widget on your website will make your customer happy through the ease of online shopping. How is this application going to benefit you, the business owner?

Drive More Cars to Your Door

As online purchases continue to increase, you will be reaching a new, untapped market of different customers. You will reach those who prefer the comfort of shopping, or at least researching, from home. Your website will begin to drive high value online conversions with customers who are interested in buying tires at your shop.


We can fully customize the pricing tool which allows you to set your: tire pricing structure, margins and additional services like install & labour, shop supply fee, etc. Loading this information will ensure that your online pricing will be as accurate as your in-store pricing. There will be no confusion for your customers when they come in and see the final bill.


Each and every tire or vehicle search completed is tracked within the system. Dealers have access to endless reporting. Pick up on trends like top searches, top purchases, top tire sizes, most popular vehicles, year/make/model, as well as most common time of day that customers are searching your website. Understanding trends in your consumer’s search habits can then be used to put in place top of the line marketing campaigns.


With IMB offering full support, you work with a team you know and can trust by your side through the whole process. Our team is available to troubleshoot, manage, as well as offer in-depth analysis of your tool’s performance. We also offer strategic support when it comes to pricing your product online and using the online pricing tool to reach new customers.

Are you ready to implement an e-commerce solution on your website and drive more online conversions? Contact us today!

Is your current website not set up for e-commerce plug-ins? We can help with that too!