More and more people are driving their cars for longer periods of time, instead of purchasing new vehicles. In fact, our research shows over 80% of customers want to keep their car on the road another 3 years or more! If consumers properly maintain their vehicle, the lifespan of that vehicle drastically increases. Drivers often delay vehicle repairs or purchasing new tires for months, even years! We all know that avoiding routine maintenance can end up being more costly as it increases the chance of large breakdowns and repairs. One of the reasons consumers put off routine maintenance is due to budget.

With IMB’s Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) program customers can finance their vehicle maintenance and repairs. This will allow customers to adhere to scheduled vehicle maintenance and keep within their budget. Not to mention approval is quick and easy!

Having the EMP program available at your business gives you the opportunity to close more sales from doing routine maintenance on customer’s vehicles. At the same time, offering easy monthly payments to get the repairs they need to get done TODAY. The ability to finance a large repair order for a customer will provide some peace of mind that their vehicle is safe to drive, while not breaking the bank.

What is EMP and how does it work?

Easy Monthly Payments (EMP) is a quick and easy way for your customers to get financing for their automotive repairs or tire purchases right at your counter. All you need is the customers VIN number, year, make and model, along with the mileage. Once you have entered the information on the website, you will instantly get a response on the amount approved to loan. The amount is based on up to 25% of the current vehicle value. Terms are flexible but are always open so they can be paid off at any time.

Once you have an estimate ready for the car, simply enter the repair estimate into the monthly calculator to determine the monthly payment amount. Payments can be as low as $20/month, depending on the amount required.

The monthly payments are debited from your customers’ bank account each month. It’s a pain-free way to extend the life of their vehicle. There is no credit check or income verification. Loan amounts are calculated on the current value of the vehicle and repair.

If you want to implement EMP on your website and offer customers Easy Monthly Payments allowing them to say YES to a better vehicle today, while giving them peace of mind and putting more sales into your business, call IMB today. We are available to help implement this for you.