Custom Wheel Visualizer Tool

Custom Wheel Visualizer Tool

There are over 40,000 searches each month using some form of wheel visualizer search terms. Consumers want to see how specific rims will look on their rides before engaging with retailers. Our customer wheel visualizer tool ignites sales for many aftermarket business owners with technology that has now become available to our specific Industry.

In just three clicks our wheel visualizer offers multiple angle views of each vehicle profiled with a select set of wheels as if they were physically in a Dealer’s showroom. Consumers can add favorites and store their vehicles in the garage for when they return to your website. Lighting fast, easy to use, and with cutting edge technology each product you carry is presented like never before.

Aftermarket business owners can integrate our tire and wheel visualizer database into their website. Our database is currently sitting at 140,000+ wheel SKU’s. By integrating our data into your website you can launch tens of thousands of product specific pages, or more. More pages equals more opportunity.

Whether consumers are shopping for wheels and tires or just custom wheels we have the best solution on the market to drive your sales. Better technology means more consumer engagement. We have seen from our clients data that conversions increase up to 63% more when using our software vs others on the market.

The best wheel visualizer helps grow sales by allowing consumers to instantly see ride and wheel combinations on their vehicle and select wheels they are interested in purchasing. By extending your showroom digitally you can help consumers get what they want, when they want it, and start selling more today.

The technology we bring to the aftermarket is exciting but it is crazy where we are going with it. Lift kits, accessories, ecommerce functionality is on the way soon. Contact us today to find out more about our development schedule or start growing your wheel sales.