Tire And Wheel Visualizer

Tire and Wheel Visualizer

In today’s day and age, our clients are turning to the internet more than ever to make large purchases in their lives. Customers can build and purchase an entire car online;  the automotive aftermarket has fallen behind until now.  Our  tire and wheel visualizer is a game changer for Industry.

Best in class wheel technology

In Motion Brands has created the best in class wheel visualization technology to help retailers drive online sales and track their conversions along the way.

This is done by combining cloud technology as well as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR) to create a custom wheel visualization tool that is superior to anything else on the market today.

Gone are the days of providing catalogs in showrooms for customers to flip through. The In Motion Brands Aftermarket Wheel Visualizer will allow your clients to:

  • Search for their vehicle, including the sub model and color.
  • Search through your entire wheel offering
  • View the rims on their vehicle from multiple different angles
  • See the exact rim and tire size in relation to their vehicle

With just three clicks consumers are shopping with the most realistic imagery they’ve ever seen when shopping for wheels online. They can mark their favorites, save their vehicles with different wheels in the garage, and zoom in on mobile devices to examine every detail on every wheel.

Grow your website and grow your sales

With our wheel software being cloud based and API driven we can do more than just extend your showroom digitally. We can integrate our database and empower your website. With over 140,000 wheel SKU’s in our custom wheel visualizer tool, we’ll power your website with literally thousands of product pages which creates a massive opportunity to increase page count and drive SEO. We can add an individual product page for each SKU to drive online visibility for our retail partners. By doing this we start to level the playing field with large ecommerce companies who have been gaining market share.

Looking to implement this tire and wheel visualizer technology on your website? Contact In Motion Brands for more information today!