Auto Repair SEO Checklist

Many tire and auto repair business owners know they need to put more emphasis on their digital strategy these days but what does that mean? Website development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and other components of a strong digital strategy are often foreign language to business owners across the aftermarket. IMB is an aftermarket industry leading SEO company.

Our tire and auto repair SEO checklist will give you a good understanding of where to begin. By following the insights we give to all business owners we meet with you can quickly start to:

– Understand how your business is performing today online

– See where the opportunity for improvement

– Make improvements to boost your businesses visibility online

Simply contact us and request access to our SEO checklist.

Once you have completed your request we will send you the critical factors for improving your rankings on line. You will see not only what is important to search engines like Google but where you can run tests to see where you stand today.

These insights you get and free resources to begin to understand your businesses current digital position are enlightening. When we review these insights with businesses that have one location, or multi store operations, there is always business intelligence gained.

What are the best ranking strategies to improve a local SEO?

By using our SEO checklist you will gain insights on where your business is today and how to improve:

  • Site Speed
  • Domain authority (level of trust your site has)
  • How many pages has Google indexed for your website
  • Listing Management continuity (Name, Address, Phone Number)
  • Google My Business Optimization opportunities

You will also be provided other areas to evaluate and other options for a deeper understanding that include:

  • Is your current site using the same copy as soon else?
  • Are your business listings consistent?
  • What sites is your business not listed on that could drive more traffic?
  • Most importantly, how well is your business currently being ranked locally?

If you are thinking your digital strategy needs some fine tuning, or an overhaul, IMB’s tire and auto repair shop SEO checklist is a free resource to help you begin to understand if your suspicions are right.

If you would like more information on what IMB delivers to our clients for SEO you can find it here.