Touren TF03 3503 GD Rims & Wheels Matte Bronze, 18.00×8.00

Brand: Touren Model: TF03 3503 GD Colour: Matte Bronze Lug: 5 Lug Part No#:3503-8844MBZ40

The Touren TF Series uses an innovative flow form process to produce an ultra-lightweight wheel. A reduced unsprung weight provides a crisp response for your vehicle. Their meticulous standards deliver the highest quality and performance for your vehicle. Revolutionary finishes create tasteful looks with stylish appeal. Touren has a lifetime warranty, which is their product and brand promise to you.

Size (Diameter x Width): 18.00 x 8.00 Bolt Pattern: 100 Offset: 40.0 Hub: 56.10 See on Vehicle