As our clients engage with more businesses online, it’s important that my shop has a digital presence. I chose In Motion Brands because of their proven experience specifically in the automotive aftermarket. We speak a common language – ARO, car count, parts margins, etc… they understand. In Motion Brands provides deeper insight and practical solutions on how to leverage digital tools to increase sales and reach potential customers.

Emily Chung

I spoke to James, Maggy and the team at In Motion Brands, they had a lot of solutions that I was attempting to manage on my own, but it had gotten out of control. I had my website over here, and my social media over there, and trying to manage it all was tough.
Now we’re focused on growing my sales with a complete Solution to drive more cars to my door.


I don’t expect my clients to fix and service their vehicles and as a Shop Owner why would you want to try and manage all of these business services yourself, it’s a Full Time job outside of running a profitable shop. I’d prefer to lean on those who have the expertise. That’s In Motion Brands.


“As a 2nd Generation Shop Owner, if there’s 1 thing I’ve learned is that as an Owner I can’t do everything well.  From Website management, digital marketing, social media, etc. In Motion Brands handles all of this for me.  One team that has the knowledge of the Industry that I trust.”