IMB Guest Speaker at AIA Webinar: E-tailing and Online Shopping of Vehicle Parts & Fluids

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for another great webinar put on by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada!

In Motion Brands Co-founder and COO James Channer participated as an industry expert in the discussion on the topic of E-tailing. The valuable session covered the trends of online shopping of vehicle parts & fluids in todays market.


In Summary of the event, at In Motion Brands we see the opportunity for Automotive Service Providers to become more avid and involved when it comes to
e-tailing / online retailing / online shopping for their business.

The automotive industry as a whole is lagging behind other industries and retailers in the market currently. This is a gap we can help fill for Automotive Service Providers today.

By extending your showroom digitally you can make it easier and more convenient for potential customers and existing customers to engage with you online. for example:

  • Having a functioning and optimized website
  • Engaging consistently through social media, email and other digital marketing tactics
  • Having products and/or services available to view online such as tires and wheels
  • Creating and posting SEO rich content on a regular basis covering topics and services consumers may be looking for

These items listed above will help consumers find your business online, and enable them to business with you digitally.


If you weren’t able to attend the webinar, you can watch the session below. If you have any questions about the session and how In Motion Brands can help your business, click here!