Wheel Visualizer App

Wheel Visualizer App

Purchasing aftermarket wheels is one of the easiest ways to update the look of your car or truck; but it’s extremely difficult to know what wheels would look best.

In Motion Brands (IMB) can provide your clients a best in class wheel visualizer experience. Clients can try a variety of rims and tires on their rides; and once they find the perfect pair they can purchase directly through your shop.

Gone are the days of flipping through images of wheels and tires in a catalog, or visiting a showroom to see how a set of wheels might look in person. The majority of day to day shopping has moved online and it is time that the sales of wheels does too.

Using the IMB Wheel Visualizer App provides your customers a truly seamless experience where they can:

  • Search their vehicle down to the sub model and color
  • Select the rims they would like to explore
  • View the rims on their vehicle from a variety of angles
  • View the exact rim and tire size that would fit on their vehicle

Top of the line technology

The IMB Aftermarket Wheel Visualizer app is powered by top of the line technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality (AR & VR). It is hosted on your website with the help of web plug-ins and application programming interfaces (APIs). This technology allows the application to work seamlessly in both desktop and mobile environments.

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Start driving sales by offering top of the line wheel technology to your customers and track your sales more efficiently by using the In Motion Brands wheel visualizer.

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