Vehicle Maintenance & Repair: Perceptions and Preferences of Car Owners

Automotive Industry Association of Canada (AIA) has partnered with In Motion Brands (IMB) to present a webinar series commenting on their consumer and market reports.  AIA chose Industry expert and our very own COO, James Channer.  James will translate these findings in a way that is meaningful to your shop and aftermarket business. to explore:

  • What drives consumers to Automotive service providers,
  • Vehicle owners use of and attitudes towards dealerships versus independent shops,
  • How vehicle owners keep up with maintenance and what reminders they consider helpful,
  • Why Automotive service providers need to refresh their digital strategy

The pace of change in today’s online marketplace has made it hard for many business owners to keep up in the automotive aftermarket.  Vehicle owners are expecting their Automotive service provider to produce a level of convenience and ease of doing business that the Industry has yet to prepare for.   IMB is available to assist with:


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